The commitment of the Ottawa-Glandorf Schools, in partnership with our families and community, will provide superior educational opportunities for all children, to establish a foundation for a life of learning and personal success.

Ottawa Elementary

Name Position
Audrey Beining Principal
Kristi Gerdeman Guidance Counselor
Jill Trampe-Kindt Building Secretary
Kerry Ducey Athletic Director
Paula Ruhe School Nurse
Tricia Brinkman Kindergarten
Erica Imm Kindergarten
Cindy Moser Kindergarten
Sue Bice 1st Grade
Nikki Bockrath 1st Grade
Melissa Grothause 1st Grade
Cindy Maag 2nd Grade
Kelly Ruhe 2nd Grade
Lisa Felkey 3rd Grade
Chris Kuhlman 3rd Grade
Vicki Otto 3rd Grade
Nicole Morman 4th Grade
Nicole Ruhe 4th Grade
Jill Schumaker 4th Grade
Alison Schnipke 5th-6th Math